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It’s 1983, and the world feels hollowed out.

LONG HAUL 1983 tells the story of a dangerous journey through an empty world.

You play a long-haul truck driver trying to make their way home. Every day, you’ll hit the road, navigating treacherous highways, fleeing from menacing threats, and dealing with the psychological impacts of isolation.

And at the end of each day, you’ll find a payphone, make a call, and leave a message for the most important person in your life.

They never pick up. You never stop calling.

Using a deck of cards, a few dice, and a microphone, players will create an original narrative of resilience in the face of world-shifting catastrophe.

Long Haul 1983 is a slick, retro-themed solo game from Sean Patrick Cain where you take on the role of a trucker in 1983, driving their way through the wreckage of a recent apocalypse. Every day you make your way along the strange and winding roads, listening to music as you go, and every night you make a call from a pay phone to record what you saw that day.

This bundle includes:

  • 36-page, perfect-bound full-color zine
  • Pamphlet of 6 double-sided player sheets
  • 4 Black Fudge dice

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SPC – Sean Patrick Cain


Horror, Retro Nostalgia

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