Little Gods


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This is a game of small guardians, embodiments of the flavors and whims of the big city, who shepherd a Newcomer in their journey to find a permanent home. As the Newcomer’s previous way of life rubs rough against the city, both will change and grow in unpredictable ways. Build a fantastic city together, and explore a cozy, urban world alongside someone looking for a better life.

Little Gods (who hide on street corners) is a collaborative storytelling game by Sam Zimmerman, where one player takes on the role of a Newcomer, a traveler seeking their fortunes in a new city, and other players take on the roles of Little Gods, small supernatural guardians who guide the Newcomer’s experience in their new home. Featuring cover art from Carly A-F and interior collage-based art from Duamn Figueroa Rassol, Little Gods is a charming and freewheeling storytelling game for groups who love the charm and magic that every city can hold.

Little Gods is also the latest zine to come from the Far Horizons Co-op’s Thousand Burning Stars project, which brings creators from all around the world together to create small, beautiful rules-light games.

  • A5, full-color, 12 page saddle-stitch zine

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Far Horizons Co-Op, Sam Zimmerman


Fantasy, Slice of Life, Surrealism

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GM-Less, Storytelling