Lighthouse at the End of the World


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Tend the light. Fend off the dead. In all things, persist.

Why limit yourself to just one season for spooky stories? Wanna do a solo journaling haunted lighthouse thing in the spring? Let’s go! Lighthouse at the End of the World casts you as a lighthouse keeper at the farthest reach of civilization. Your journal is your story and your story will be strange and lonely, yet resolute. Perhaps even inspiring. Like a proper Wretched and Alone game, you’ll confront your inner demons as often as your outer ones: the neighboring penal colony, the wrath of Mother Nature, and the ghosts of the sea.

You may well die. But you will not go quietly.

  •  32-page staplebound book
  • Illustrations by Sally Cantirino
  • Requires a tumbling tower, a deck of playing cards, a coin, and ten tokens for play

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Dark Fantasy, Horror, Nautical, Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Systems

Wretched & Alone

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GM-Less, Journaling, Solo

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