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To say that Lay On Hands is a unique game is an understatement. It’s a post-apocalyptic solo game with a haunting art style, BUT it’s also a real-time dexterity game with activity-book-like puzzles. It’s a whole-ass vibe, as I am told they say these days. All you need to play it is the rules, a few writing implements, and a coin. The game asks you to spin the coin as a timer, and before the coin settles, you will complete little mini-games that represent tasks your character undertakes.

We have chosen to bundle Lay On Hands with the Tundrabower expansion module. Tundrabower is a new micro-setting for Lay on Hands, presented in a single-sheet, cross-shaped, limited edition zine. It details “a towering vertical forest, ancient beyond its years,” and is designed to be able to be adapted to other RPG systems. Each copy of Tundrabower is hand-numbered out of 250 prints.

From Alfred Valley, the publisher:

Lay On Hands is a storytelling game zine for one player in which you play an unnaturally gifted healer in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.
You will wander the ravaged land and channel the strange power that runs through your hands to unburden the needy, shrive the wayward and rout the corrupt. You will embrace the weirdness of the wasteland, fight heroic battles and risk your life to fulfil the covenants you have sworn.

It’s a bit like Ironsworn meets Troika meets Fallout… with an activity sheet.

And on Tundrabower:

Tundrabower is a post-apocalyptic setting designed for Lay On Hands (but usable for any RPG).

To one beyond, You are unknown to me but I must entrust you with the fate of all of us. We are trapped high in the Tundrabower. Each day a darkness gathers, growing, seeking something here that would grant it ultimate power…
You receive this call to action, a map and some notes about the Black Steppe, a scorching, barren land full of strangeness and desperation with an otherworldly vertical forest at its heart.

A fanatical tribe that await a figure who can survive a lightning strike; a giant chain used for traversing the brutal land; legends of a whale that slumbers in an underground cave — such oddities await you.

Explore the various features and settlements of the Black Steppe to prepare for your voyage into the Tundrabower and the mysteries that lie there.

This setting has been designed for the solo game Lay On Hands in mind but can be used for other systems, even more traditional group games (with a DM prepared to flesh out the world that’s described here and make it their own).

  • Includes 30-page, Black & White, perfect bound zine, an oracle sheet, and the limited edition Tundrabower fold-out module.

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Alfred Valley


Horror, Post-Apocalyptic

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Real-Time Mechanics, Solo