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You are a dinosaur.
You are a Kosmo Ranger.
You are a Kosmosaur—a protector of the galaxy.

You and your companions travel through the stars to help all sorts of people, planets, and organizations by preventing disasters, battling assassin robots, banishing chaos mutants from the Void Dimension, and facing all kinds of weird dangers.

Dinosaurs! Heroes! Hero dinosaurs! AND SPACESHIPS!!!

Truly, Kosmosaurs has it all.

Become a dinosaur space ranger with as much 1980’s sci-fi/fantasy flavor as you can jam into a TTRPG. You’ll travel the galaxy with your team, defending the defenseless, discovering new frontiers, and battling evil wherever you find it. This is a game designed for maximum theatrical action. Use your two stats, Kosmo (your sentient dino intelligence) and Saur (your badass dino strength) to play any scenario you can dream up. Laser fights! Black holes! Undead space pirates! Saturday morning cartoons, here we come.

Gamebook includes NPCs, tools, tables, adventures, and – of course – amazing, neon dinosaur art to help you catch the retro vibe.

  • 75-page A5 size hardcover book, full color throughout with ribbon bookmark
  • Dino art by Lukasz Kowalczuk
  • Built around a framework that blends Lasers and Feelings and Blades in the Dark

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Diogo Nogueira, Old Skull Publishing


Fantasy, Prehistoric, Retro Nostalgia, Sci Fi

RPG Systems

Blades in the Dark, Lasers and Feelings

RPG Terms

Gamebook, GM-required

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