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Killer Ratings / Targ Margs

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Killer Ratings asks the important questions, namely: what if you could send a bunch of insufferable, larger-than-life reality TV personalities to their inevitable, dramatic deaths? Play as the cast of a soon-to-be-cancelled paranormal investigation show as they venture into a real (and real dangerous) haunted house. It’s a one-shot, zero-prep, rules-lite season finale for 3-5 ghost hunters and their director. Provoke the spirits within to get the best footage! Maybe even survive (unlikely)!

BONUS: every copy of Killer Ratings is a double zine that includes Targ Margs printed on the opposite side. It’s the official Killer Ratings drunken shenanigans hack! Play as a group of inebriated friends causing late-night mischief inside their local Target. Cause problems on purpose, avoid the ire of security, and try to get out with as much random, Target stuff as you can.

  • Requires 3-5 players + one director, a handful of d6 dice apiece, and a couple d20s and d10s to generate show details
  • 32-page, full-color, 6.625″x10.25″ saddle-stitched zine
  • Contains Killer Ratings on one side and Targ Margs on the other
  • Killer Ratings design and layout by Ken Lowery, cover by Benjamin Hall
  • Targ Margs design and layout by Ken Lowery and Tatiana Powell, cover by Kelsea Zwerneman

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Comedy, Horror, Slice of Life

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GM-required, One-Shot