Kill the Queen


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There ain’t much left that’s livable on the world, but at least the profits never stopped. There used to be this really big island arboretum, yah, beneath titanium and glass domes in the middle of a big ass lake. Now it’s where almost all of humanity lives: amongst fog and trees, crammed into crumbling tenements within sight of luxury stores and empty private parks. The lake glows alarmingly pink at night. There is no escape; there’s nowhere to go. There are no governments, only rich people and their hired (or vat-grown) guns. There are no jobs beyond the menial and dangerous. It’s capitalism, but a little more honest, unafraid to be both WACKY and VICIOUS.

And in this wretched world so much like our own, it should come as no surprise: the person keeping all the queers in place is a skinny, rich, white woman. Jacqui Ellens spent her youth playing at queer activism, right up until the moment it might have actually cost her something. Now she personally profits from the ongoing suppression of other LGBTQIAA+ folx.

However, if her 8 heavily guarded private servers and the AIs they contain can be destroyed, there is a chance queer people can connect, find lasting solidarity, and begin the long work of liberation. Assuming robot dogs, security drones, genetically engineered beefcakes and the other machinations of a paranoid and obscenely wealthy woman can be overcome.

Kill the Queen is a looney-tunes-meets-blade-runner heist caper for Troika! set in a relatively evil gay nightclub filled with relatively innocent people. Will you successfully destroy Queen Jacqui’s AI servers she uses generate social media influencers that control and the queer community? Or will the Vat-Goons and Robot dogs she’s bought as protection continue to thwart queer solidarity?

With writing from Evey Lockhart and art from Evlyn Moreau, this zine module manages to land a tone that is both grimly satirical and joyously absurd.

  • 16 page, full color, A5 saddle-stitch zine

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Comedy, Crime

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Adventure Module, GM-required


Evey Lockhart, Evlyn Moreau, Exalted Funeral