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Justicar is a role-playing game about romanticized courtroom drama, intrigue, and comedy inspired by the likes of Phoenix Wright and My Cousin Vinny. Players each embody a unique key Role as they collaboratively tell the story of a crime and its mysteries.

Justicar is a GM-less game where you and a few friends will play out a courtroom drama, where one player is the judge, another player is the defendant and witnesses, and other players play the prosecution, defense, and courtroom audience. As you play, you build a map of the crime with paper and string, just like your favorite crime films.

Interested in objecting? Itching for bold characters to take the stand? Looking to prove your innocence with the help of (or in spite of) your attorney? Justicar is the game for you!

  • For 4-6 players, no GM
  • Requires pens, note cards, sticky notes, red string, scissors

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Dinoberry Press, Nevyn Holmes


Comedy, Crime

RPG Terms

Diceless, GM-Less, One-Shot, Party, Storytelling

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