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You are 18 years old. You have a car, a packed suitcase, a full tank of gas, your guitar, a cell phone with a charger, and a lot of lost childhood to make up. Where will you go? What will you do?

It’s an introspective, slice of life-meets-scifi/fantasy vibe for this gay-space-rocks-inspired solo game. Play as a magical, half-human heir to an alien empire. Your father is just some guy. Your mother was a powerful space princess. Your life so far has been front-loaded with otherworldly expectations, interstellar conflict, and heartbreak. Now it’s time to do something thoroughly human: go on road trip, explore your identity, purpose, and destiny, and sit with the realization that the people you love – and their legacies – are likely more complicated than they will ever be able to admit.

  • Printed and handmade by the creator
  • 5.25″ x 6.75″, full color, 16 pages
  • A wistful solo journaling game about road trips, inhuman powers, responsibilities, trauma, boundaries, and self-compassion
  • Requires a tumbling block tower, a deck of playing cards, a d4, d20, & optional d12, nine tokens of any kind, and a way to record your thoughts
  • Created for Zine Month 2023

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Jacqueline Byrk


Fantasy, Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Systems

Wretched & Alone

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling

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