Jeffrey Catherine Jones (Series 2)



Did you know? Series 1 was one of Knave of Cups’ first products! So many ethereal fantasy tableaus, but not nearly enough. No! As we enter our second year of business, we’re proud to present Series 2. Keep your collection fresh!

Jeffery Catherine Jones was a painter and illustrator whose work straddled the line between classical figurative art and pulpier fantasy art. Her paintings are deeply moody, almost impressionistic in their rendering, and recall the works of both N.C. Wyeth and Frank Frazetta. Her work has an earthy, surreal quality and is rendered in muted tones reminiscent of twilight. Frazetta himself at one point called her “the greatest living painter,” and it’s hard to deny that her vision was indeed something truly special.

Note: We’re using Jeffery Catherine’s chosen name in this copy, the cards were printed before her transition and do not.

  • These trading cards are vintage stock from 1995
  • Because of their age, cards may stick together and slightly degrade the print. (Gently flex the cards with your hand before opening to help with this)
  • Each sealed pack comes with 10 random cards, and there are 90 cards in the complete set
  • Gimmick cards include rare “Canvas” cards, and autographed cards

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Jeffrey Catherine Jones


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy

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