Itty Bitty Tardigrades


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We apologize for the factual incorrectness of this product name. These fellas aren’t itty bitty: they’re gargantuan! At about 1 inch each, or over 100x life size, these cute plastic toy tardigrades are absolutely massive.

Tardigrades, or water bears, or moss piglets (!!!), have a lot going on for them. They’re very small, they can survive radiation, the vacuum of space, they can enter a form of suspended animation, and they exist on a branch of the tree of life so far removed from our own that they very plausibly could be aliens. Also, they’re very on trend right now.

But why are they here? Are they in fact gameplay accessories? How dare! These tardigrades can do game stuff! (whispers to tardigrades) hey you guys can do game stuff, right? (back to you) Yeah, they can do game stuff. They, uh, can be game counters, definitely. They could hold your book open, if you use a lot of them. If you throw them like runes you can tell the future with them. Maybe they’re just tiny plastic reminders of humanity’s smallness, being a life form that is older than the dinosaurs and will undoubtedly outlast our species by a significant margin. Look, they’re great, OK?

  • Package contains 12 soft vinyl 1″ long tardigrades, 6 green and 6 turquoise

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Archie McPhee


Psychedelic, Surrealism

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