It’s the Big Game!


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You might think you know sports, but even in our world, there are so many games to discover. So many games to play… and so many ways to play them.

How much wackier can a game get? Add magic? Add mythical creatures? You got it.

It’s the Big Game! is a tidy little pamphlet RPG that captures all the heart-pounding excitement of the biggest game of the season – as told to you, a concessions worker, by the fans who visit your stand. Wait, who set fire to what? Is that even allowed? No, you’re right, wizards can only use portals once a quarter, that was a terrible call.

  • Requires a d6 die, a d10 die, and a deck of playing cards
  • Pamphlet-size

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Lost Ways Club


Comedy, Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Solo, Storytelling

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