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Is your life too easy? Do you glide effortlessly through the grey fog of your humdrum existence wishing some sort of challenge would finally flummox you? Well gosh, do we have a collection of laser-cut acrylic shapes for you!

Trust us, they’re harder than they look! (Or maybe we’re stupid: it’s impossible for us to know!) Choose from variety of IQ Puzzles whose finished shapes are easily recognizable (coffee cup, star, house) but whose loose polygons (triangle, other triangle, parallelogram, smaller weirder parallelogram) are a bit more of a challenge to rearrange.

  • Seven available designs: coffee cup, cross, fish, heart, hexagon, house, and star
  • Packages are 3.5″ x 2.4″ x .6″
  • Made in Moldova

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Coffee Cup, Cross, Fish, Heart, Hexagon, House, Star


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