Invisible Ink Pen



Why did we buy a bunch of novelty invisible ink pens?? Well, 1) the fool’s journey can never be fully understood, and 2) THEY’RE FOR MAKING PUZZLES FOR GAMES, Y’ALL! Maybe the entry code to the dastardly corporation’s headquarters is hidden in plain view on the business card the players found. Maybe the pen is an enchanted item allowing the user to see mystic runes. Sure, it’s been done, and the pen’s aren’t exactly “in-world” objects, but we challenge you to find another cool tactile puzzle you can throw at your players for a whopping cost of $3. (And if you do find one, send us a message, we’ll probably buy that too.)

Create whimsical puzzles for your players, or bring grade school shenanigans back to your everyday life with an invisible ink pen! It’s exactly as you remember: regular pen, “invisible” pen, and a little UV light to reveal what’s hidden. That’s an three-in-one win!

  • Pen includes black ballpoint tip, secret message tip, and decoder light
  • Pen comes in four exterior colors: green, red, blue, and yellow – yours will be chosen at random

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