Inversion Tarot


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Need a portable deck? A sleek deck with a historical, yet modern feel? Maybe you, like the Jen-half of Knave of Cups, are a weird old goth who simply prefers the look of black and white  (Jen has been working on expanding her horizons into grays and golds, though this tarot deck includes neither of those colors).

Artist Jody Barbessi’s Inversion Tarot harnesses a striking inverted, hand-drawn aesthetic, bold white figures against an inky backdrop with classic imagery based on the Marseille tradition, as well as mid-century designs created by Paul Mathison in the 1960’s for the Rolla Nordic Tarot.

  • Produced by US Games Systems, art by Jody Boginski Barbessi
  • 78 min-size cards and a 64-page booklet in a 2.75” x 4.125” tin

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US Games Systems


Historical, Retro Nostalgia

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