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You haven’t always had it easy, but now things are worse. A chance encounter on the street changed your life. It was like looking into a mirror. But surely, you would have known if you had a twin.

You only learned you were a clone 1 month ago. Now, alongside your siblings, you are being hunted by the corporation that created you. You thought you were being smart, you thought you were well hidden, but the corporation is on to you. The corporation knows your location, and you need to run. Thankfully, you know this large city well, and if you talk to the right people you might be able to access all the resources you need. Can you stay hidden long enough to take the corporation down before it kills you and all your siblings?

It’s going to be tough. But someone has to take a stand.

Identity is a solo journaling sci-fi mystery thriller built on the Wretched and Alone system. This means the deck, so to speak, is stacked against you: dangerous people are hunting you, your mission is noble but seemingly insurmountable, and there are many pieces of your past you don’t understand. Still, you owe it to yourself – whoever that is – to try. You might not succeed, but you’re gonna fight like hell.

  • Requires a d6 die, a tumbling tower, a deck of playing cards, and a journal for play
  • For fans of media like Orphan Black and Dollhouse
  • 20-page A5 staple-bound softcover
  • Color cover with b&w interior

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Alicia Furness


Crime, Mystery, Sci Fi

RPG Systems

Wretched & Alone

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling

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