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You were made with a core set of functions, features, and accessories, but at some point you grew to be more than the sum of your parts. Are you Brave? Dramatic? Grumpy? Innocent? Or something else entirely?

When you were a child, did you watch an animated movie that suggested every appliance in your house was alive, thus permanently altering your brain chemistry and making it nigh-impossible for you to part with old and/or broken objects as an adult? Or was that just us?

Spoiler: it was also Tony Vasinda of Plus One Exp. Powered by an old school sensibility, Tony created I, Toaster, an RPG based on The Brave Little Toaster’s the world of sentient appliances. Browse the Home Catalog in search of the machine destined to be your character. Note their Functions, Features, and Accessories, then roll to fill out the rest of their Spec Sheet. Once you’ve fully assembled your crew, you’re ready to try out the included standalone adventure, written by Knave of Cups’ pal Madeline Ember.

Best of luck to you, may the humans never decide you’re obsolete.

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