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HOUNDs is a dice-stacking roleplaying game about the bond between a mech pilot and their robot companion. HOUND stands for a Human-Operated Utility-Neurolink Device, and authorities want to erase your mech’s memories, deleting your friendship. Escape is unlikely, but you’re determined to resist.

We love a classic mech-pilot-and-giant-robot story. Grab a friend, design your HOUND, and fill in your backstory – were you in the military? Maybe you were part of a megastructure construction crew. Maybe you competed in professional mech sports. Once you’ve got the details ironed out, roll to fight the authorities who are trying to separate the two of you. Got a bunch of d20s hanging around? Good! HOUNDs includes a dice-stacking Stress mechanic that represents the deletion of the HOUND’s memories. (Don’t worry – if you don’t have a cache of dice, rules for d20-less play are included as well.)

HOUNDs is one of six titles in Possible Worlds Games’ genre collection of mini-games, each bound like a color-coordinated mini spiral notepad. Designed to be quick to learn and low prep, but with enough depth you’ll never tell the same story twice.

  • For two friends, a mech pilot and their mech, but playable solo as well as in a group
  • Requires a minimum of 3 d6 dice, ~20 d20 dice for tower-stacking play (optional), a tray to avoid dice scatter (optional), and a way to record your journey
  • 4″ x 6″ wire-bound notebook, 24 pages with a color cover and b&w interior
  • Part of the six-game Possible Worlds series

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