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Hope Is Not A Plan


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Your company has entrusted you with millions of dollars of other people’s money. They expect you to please the client and turn a profit at the same time. On paper, it looks pretty straightforward. However, your client, your team, your company leadership, and your friends and family also have needs which complicate the execution of the project. You might even occasionally want to take care of yourself. Good luck!

A solo journaling game based on engineering project management crafted in the bleak, fight-against-the-rising-tide Wretched and Alone framework? This exists? Oh yes, not only does it exist, Knave of Cups stocks it and we think you’ll enjoy playing it.

Well, enjoy might be an… imprecise word.

We think you’ll discover a surprising sense of bittersweet joy and personal validation in an exercise whose very parameters indicate your likely failure.

Thematically ‘dark comedy/corporate slice-of-life,’ Hope is Not A Plan can be played in any genre or setting. Oversee construction of a geodesic, humanity-saving dome on a hostile planet in a post-apocalyptic future. Create an urban fantasy world and build a magical condo unit, invisible to non-mages but full of arcane features for today’s hip, young magicians. Check out this Critical-Hits high fantasy Actual Play and find out if Vierna Daliwin, Drow Project Manager at Zaphruil and Associates – Necromantic and Dimensional Engineering, successfully installs a deadly trap in the dungeon of the Lord Dread Master

  • Requires a d6 die, a tumbling tower, a deck of playing cards, and a journal for play
  • 28-page staple-bound A5 softcover
  • Black and white cover and interior

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Deus Ex Minima


Comedy, Slice of Life, Surrealism

RPG Systems

Wretched & Alone

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling

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