Hideous Daylight

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What if it was daylight all the time? We love the sun! Seems great… at first. Then shit gets weird. Just ask anyone who lives north of the Arctic Circle. Hideous Daylight is a 20-point hexcrawl for Cairn. Take a stroll through the king’s cursed garden, a place where the never-setting sun has caused otherwise docile animals to become violent and strange beings to appear out of the ether.  You’ve been hired to end the curse, but there’s so much to find in the meantime: two gazebos, two keyed dungeons, and a plethora of monsters, magical objects, and strange encounters.

  • 33 pages, full color
  • Created for Cairn but compatible with the new-school, old-school-inspired RPG of your choice
  • Art by Matt Stikker and Tyler Smith Owings

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Brad Kerr


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy

RPG Systems

5E, Cairn, OSR-Friendly

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, Hexcrawl, OSR

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