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here, there, be monsters!

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At the edges and cracks of ‘normal’ life we exist, we persist, and we resist: the monsters, the magicians, the anomalies, the freaks, and the outcasts. We gather in the shadows, trying our best to live our lives in a world that, when it doesn’t exactly fear or hate us, doesn’t even believe in our existence.

Trust us, we love The X-Files and Hellboy as much as the next person but you’ve gotta admit: the things organizations do to “protect” the “regular world” from the “strange” aren’t ever in the best interests of the “strange.” here, there, be monsters! is a game that lets you play the monsters instead of the monster hunters, the paranormal phenomena instead of the paranormal investigators, the… well, you get the idea. Choose from 100 premade characters, collaborate to build your world, and get ready to fight back. Reclaim your identity from those who wish you harm! Punch nazis! Take down oppressive organizations! (Feels… uh, kinda topical, huh?)

  • An explicitly queer, antifascist and anti-capitalist game about the monstrous and the weird, in any flavor you want, not as something to be feared, but to be cherished and protected
  • Rules lite – simple resolution mechanics require 2 d6 dice for play
  • 164 full color pages, completely illustrated throughout

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Wendi Yu


Crime, Dark Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Sci Fi, Surrealism

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Gamebook, GM-required, Storytelling

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