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Her Odyssey Risograph Edition


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Her Odyssey is a solo journaling RPG about a wanderer trying to return home – or find a new home. Built using Caltrop Core and the Aspire SRD, this game allows you to build a rich world, create a character backstory, explore an ongoing adventure, or all three at once – with nothing more than a deck of standard playing cards and a handful of d4s.

Meant to be played by a single player at a slow, contemplative pace, Her Odyssey can be completed in a few hours – or it can become a daily ritual, allowing you to take a metaphorical journey alongside your wanderer for up to two months per play-through.

Her Odyssey is a solo game by S. Kaiya J. about journeys that are epic in scale but internal in focus. Rather than a list of grand deeds accomplished or foes vanquished, progress in Her Odyssey is measured by a simple question: has your wanderer finally come home? Is this truly home, or do they need to keep searching? It’s an open-ended game with only a light touch of setting, making it flexible and adaptable to any world or even genre. A perfect structure for creating a grand journey from scratch, or for exploring characters created in other games.

Bring your wanderer home.

The risograph edition of Her Odyssey is a handmade zine that uses a vibrant, 3-color risograph-print for its cover. The interior pages are black and white. Each risograph print is unique and will have slight variations and imperfections. Zines come in a protective foil bag to help prevent the print from smudging.

A standard deck of playing cards and several d4s are required for play. If you’re short on d4s, grab a set of our mini caltrop dice!

  • 3-color risograph cover, black & white interior
  • 20 page handmade zine, 5.5″ x 4.25″
  • Assembled with love by Knave of Cups

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AYolland, S. Kaiya J.


Fantasy, Historical, Post-Apocalyptic, Slice of Life

RPG Systems

Aspire, Caltrop Core

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Journaling, One-Shot, Solo, Storytelling

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