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Hedge Witch


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You are a hedge witch. You live in a little cottage in the woods and spend your days looking after the forest. Sometimes you have to do tough things the old-fashioned way. There’s a lot of work to be done, and you only have a little bit of magic.

Scrape your knees and get back up again in this cozy journaling game about the value of a hard-learned lesson and failing forward.

Our first game to earn both the “non-violent” and “occult” tags! Aww. Play Hedge Witch alone as a solo game or duet with a friend. With straightforward rules and a cozy vibe, you’ll use two skills, Clever and Brave, to take on the daily challenges of the forest. Of course, as a witch, problems can be solved with magic, but craft a solution without using magic and nature will reward you, granting you energy you can spend to cast spells later!

Bonus: every copy of Hedge Witch comes with a postcard mini-game called Flycatcher and a neat little sticker!

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Shouting Crow


Fantasy, Slice of Life

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Duet, Non-Violent, Solo, Storytelling

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