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Wait, what’s this? A mini-game designed to help you be a better person? Yes!

HeartSweat is a unique concept: a gamification of kindness. It’s a postcard-sized game in which you’ll be encouraged to complete quests, doing kind things in the service of the people in your life. Could be anyone you see regularly! A friend, a sibling, a partner, a neighbor, heck, even the barista that makes your coffee or the nice maintenance worker in the building where you work or go to school. Earn Sweat by completing quests, then and add a little TTRPG flair to your IRL missions by going on to earn Heart. Keeping the postcard handy allows and remind you to add a little kindness into your everyday activities.

  • Requires a d6 die and something to write with
  • Double-sided A6 postcard, full color

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James Pianka


Slice of Life

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Non-Violent, Solo

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