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Have You Heard About The Beast?


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Have you Heard About the Beast is a game of tavern rumours and hearsay. You sit in a tavern or other location where the adventurous gather and share rumours of a foul beast that lives nearby. The locals join in, adding all sorts of colourful nonsense to the creature’s description.

Thing is, every bit of it true.

Glowing eyes the size of shields and jaws that could crush your skull. Someone even told me it communes with the birds to learn out secrets.

It’s true! And I heard it guards the hut of a long dead witch who knew the secret to eternal life. The one who slays it could live forever!

Have You Heard About the Beast? is a collaborative and colorful mini-game of beast-generation, designed to be played in conjunction with your favorite fantasy role-playing game. Players collaborate and use the provided d10 tables to generate a fearsome monster on the fly, as they hear snippets of rumors from tavern-goers, then advice is given on how a GM can quickly mash together a monster encounter for the adventurers who heard tale of the beast.

Wild and playful layout and gnarly monster illustrations make this zine pop. Plus each zine comes with stickers and two postcards of generated beasts, and you know we love stickers!

  • 16-page, full color, saddle-stitch zine
  • 2 beast postcards, 2 vinyl stickers and 1 holographic vinyl sticker are included

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Sealed Library, Thomas Novosel



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Adventure Module, GM-required, OSR, Party, Storytelling

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