Guru Bosch Puzzle Playing Cards (Collector’s Edition)


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Ah, Hieronymus Bosch: fifteenth century Dutch painter, unsettling religious symbolism extraordinaire, and appreciator of Freaky Little Guys.

Jen is a Bosch fan. Ayo is a bespoke playing cards fan. That makes this deck the perfect fit for Knave of Cups. Brought to life and illustrated by by Sunish Chabba of Guru Playing Cards, the Bosch Puzzle deck is a fully-realized homage to the creatures, worlds, and vibes of Hieronymus Bosch. Separately, each card is a work of art. Together, all 54 cards act as puzzle pieces, combining to create one large, surreal image (a polyptych). Devils, floating bubble crafts, meat diamonds, they’re all here! Additionally, every non-face card fully incorporates its pips into its artwork (transformation cards). Add a luxe tuck box with a numbered seal and a bonus Bosch-and-Dali themed art card and you’ve got the deck of your dreams. Nightmares? A little of Column A and a little of Column B?

Cheers to you, Hieronymus Bosch, you glorious weirdo.

  • Printed by Legends Playing Card Company (limited run of 3200) on Classic Finish with Performance Coating
  • Embossed matte tuck box with a numbered seal
  • 54 polyptych, transformation playing cards and a bonus 55th Kickstarter art card
  • Poker sized (3.5″ X 2.5″) & traditional cut

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Guru Playing Cards


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, Psychedelic, Surrealism

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