GUILD: Sword and Magick for Hire


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Lift your feeble weapons like towers toward heaven!

From neophyte Hireling to veteran Champion, it’s all about the glittering gold in your vault. Wield the strength of steel or the guile of an arcane mind as you team up with your fellow Guild members. Plunder ill-gotten gains and earn great gouts of gilded coin spilling from your purse as you pursue bounties and quests.

How far will you climb in pursuit of your ultimate goal of wealth and power?

Packed with Old-School flavor but streamlined and rules-lite, Guild gives you everything you need for adventure after adventure: an OSR-inspired setting, a richly-rewarded five-rank system to ascend, and simple d20-based roll-under combat rules. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of cool stuff to unearth, swipe, reclaim, and plunder – easily, with table-based categories for weapons, armor, and trinkets where your imagination determines what you found and a quick roll determine its power. There’s magick in this world, too, which works in a similar fashion, except you’ll modify your spells with the trinkets you’ve acquired.

Game includes everything you need to begin as a Hireling, a character sheet, and a starter adventure, The Gloomlight Hollow, written by Gabe Rivera of Copper State Games.

Our goal for GUILD: Sword and Magick for Hire, was to replicate the feeling of crunchy systems like Rolemaster, Runequest, and D&D, without the rules and structures (which are also just rules), and pages upon pages, that bog down player experience.

We’ve done that, and we’re thrilled to finally share this with you. We sincerely hope you enjoy GUILD as much as we do, and we’re excited for the future of this game.

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