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Green Dawn Mall

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Where is Green Dawn Mall?

It’s everywhere.

It’s the mall you find if you take the ill-maintained elevator next to the collectibles-and-swords store. It’s the mall that awaits you if you take a shortcut to the food court through that set of swinging beige doors. It’s the mall in the reflection of every display case and every floor-to-ceiling dressing room mirror.

Enjoy this unsettling game for 1 GM and 3 – 5 players, in which a group of teens attempts to rescue their lost friend from the winding, incomprehensibly strange world of Green Dawn Mall. What will you encounter on the other side? Will you confront The Heart of the Mall? Save your friend? Or become trapped for all time by a gang of malevolent, sentient t-shirts?

Via creator Côme Martin:

You’ll like this game if you enjoy exploration and interactions with your surroundings rather than combat, a world which is more odd than horrific, and random environments that will always surprise you—even if you’re the GM. The rules aim for simplicity: roll between 1 and 4d6, succeed on 5 or 6, and that’s about it!

  • 90 page, full-color, softcover

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Côme Martin


Dark Fantasy, Horror, Retro Nostalgia, Surrealism

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