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You are a sentient magic sword. You are centuries old and have seen and done terrible things, often in the pursuit of some misguided quest for glory and power. Everyone who has ever wielded you has died, and you have spent more time alone in the dark places of the world than you have spent in the hands of someone who would put you to work.

Alone in the dark for decades, now a new bearer has come. A hero has taken you up, and you have tasked yourself with telling your story and convincing them to retire with you at their side. You may have tried before – you may have tried many times before – but you can’t remember now. You aren’t sure you will succeed, but you have to try before you return to the dirt again.

Everyone always asks where the master sword is, but no one asks how the master sword is. In this Wretched & Alone game from Chris Bisette, author of The Wretched, you play as a long-dormant and ancient sword, wielded now by a new bearer with a thirst for adventure and violence. Perhaps you will be able to convince them to step away from violence and hang you on a peaceful mantle. But most likely, you will be shattered by the violence you excel at, and become forgotten once again.

  • 16-page, full-color, A5 saddle-stitch zine

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