Glow-In-The-Dark Finger Hands

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When Knave of Cups was still just a running joke in a Twitter DM, Jen made a list of non-game-related objects that were (and remain) precious to her, things that, were she to actually open this little shop, she must carry to truly do herself and her small business hero (RIP) justice. 

Finger hands were the only thing on that list.

Jen sold finger hands at her last job (also RIP), where she would like to note the point-of-sale statistics regularly named them Most Popular Item. FOR GOOD REASON.

Bonus: these glow in the dark!

  • Size: 2 ¾” tall
  • Sold individually
  • Left or right hand – yours will be randomly selected
  • Soft vinyl
  • By Archie McPhee
  • #12688

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Archie McPhee


Comedy, Psychedelic, Sci Fi, Surrealism