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A long time ago, the green lushness of Eridoor stood as the prize jewel to many Great Houses. These Houses form the Council of Empires, a ruling system over the known universe. Each House rules over their own people, to forward their own agenda, power and control, and take from all planets they choose, returning nothing to the soils.

Over many centuries of exploitation from the Great Houses, Eridoor began to dry up, becoming a barren and sandy husk of its once beautiful self. Conflict erupted, subtle and shadowed at first, then quickly open and violent, across the planet and in the space above. The Great Houses fought for one resource in particular: a precious mineral with a latent power to transform any planet of their choosing into a verdant, life giving world.

When the last of the known mineral was finally harvested, the surviving Houses began leaving the now completely barren planet, in exchange for returning to their own worlds with the newfound ability to create something from nothing. Sadly, Eridoor saw no such nicety.

GLIDE is a solo roleplaying game (with optional 2-player rules) about exploring the desert world of Eridoor on your glider. Inspired by classic sci fi such as DUNE or Star Wars, in GLIDE you explore the world around you using a hexmap and a deck of cards. You can trade with other scavengers, explore ruins, collect relics, hire companions, and join guilds. Notably it is combat-less, and all survival style elements are for narrative flavor only. GLIDE is a sandbox style game, with lots of things to do that create your story, and little to no pre-written story content.

With wonderful comic-style illustrations from Emil Boven, GLIDE is a great game for solo players looking for a laidback old-school game with medium crunch. This second edition has been bound in an attractive softcover format with slightly revised rules and layout.

Copies includes a code for digital downloads including core rules and character sheets.

  • 80 page B&W A5 softcover

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Cody Barr, Emil Boven, Sleepy Sasquatch Games


Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci Fi

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Hexcrawl, Solo

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