“Games Are Gay” Holo Sticker


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For the month of June 2022, every order from our shop will receive one complementary “Games are Gay” sticker. You can order more, (hell yeah) knock yourself out. Just know that if you place an order from us in June, you are already getting one sticker.

If you are old, like us, you may remember how there was a time when kids or teens would toss around the insult “that’s gay” as the ultimate, un-refutable condemnation of something as bad, and stupid, and un-cool. Not great memories, honestly.

But y’know what?
Games are gay.

Games are creation. Games are imagining other ways of being, of remaking oneself anew. Games are giving yourself the space to become more yourself. Games are for exploring and adventuring and shenanigans. Games validate our emotions – our anger and frustration just as much as our joy, softness, and care.

Games are gay as fuck, and that’s awesome.

  • Size: 1 ½” x 3”
  • Stick it anywhere: laptop, water bottle, bike, car, skateboard, phone, the stop sign at the end of the block, the top of a mountain – follow your heart, we believe in you