Gabiko: The Floating Goblin Fortress


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A giant floating island, crossed through with dark tunnels, is home to numerous goblins. They call their fortress Gabiko, old goblin for home. Not all is well within this home. The Goblin King is losing control over his realm to those resisting his austere rule. Meanwhile, the giant grubs who have lived here for eons need the right catalyst to drive the goblins from their ancestral home. Will you be swept into the intrigue as you seek your goal?

Behold, a kingdom of strange and wonderful mushroom-goblins! Grub farmers, tricksters, and more stand on the brink of revolution. Choose a side or simply explore, dungeon-crawling your way to treasure as you encounter a variety of friends and foes. There’s a vast network, a… mycelial web, so to speak, of creatures to meet. Yes, here in Gabiko, you and your crew will have a variety of social encounters, so be prepared. Comes with 33 rooms to explore (plus NPCs), magical items, story hooks, and factions.

  • An adventure module designed for 3-8 characters in Cairn and 5e (levels 4-6 or so)
  • Compatible with most OSR-style systems
  • 52-page, full-color zine

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Brooklet Games


Fantasy, Surrealism

RPG Systems

5E, Cairn, OSR-Friendly

RPG Terms

Dungeon Crawl, GM-required, OSR

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