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Fox Curio’s Floating Bookshop


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Need a break from the unceasing demands of the 21st century? Need a break from “being a human” and the strife and angst involved therein? You need a charming solo RPG.

Welcome to the River; a flowing path born at the mountain’s feet. In her high narrows, barely two boats fit lengthwise; a furious pounding of water. From these rocky ravines, she threads her way through the land, until she reaches the Great Sea. Quiet and slow-moving in these lowlands, she provides homes for those who live upon her waters and food for those who live beside her.

Become a sentient fox journeying in your houseboat-bookshop! Maybe you wear a snazzy vest, maybe you wear a little hat. You lead a blissfully simple life. In your trusty floating shop, you’ll ferry your wares to the shores of towns up and down the River. Connect your animalfolk customers with great reads and they’ll keep coming back (we tip our hats to the small business regulars of the world).

Want to relax instead of opening the shop today? Of course! Go exploring, go fishing, or simply chill and watch the river meander by. In-game seasons change, too, and you’ll participate in a variety of community celebrations throughout the year! Includes five seasons, ten towns to visit and their holidays, a floor plan to help you design your shop, and a fishing mini-game.

Sounds way better than the stress you‘ve got brewing, huh?

  • Wire-bound, 200 pages, color cover with b&w interior
  • 21cm x 16.5cm x 2cm

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Lost Ways Club


Fantasy, Slice of Life

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Journaling, Non-Violent, Solo, Storytelling

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