Fournier’s Le Tarot de Marseille


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The classic. A perennial favorite. And in French, ooh la la!

Despite its name, this deck likely originated in Milan, migrating to France during a period of war, where it took on a French connotation that followed it back to Italy (and beyond). The Marseille tarot is considered one of the oldest forms of the deck as we know it. Instead of  archival photos, this deck from Fournier uses bright colorful paintings based on the original 13th century images. The arcana names are in the original French: Bâtons (Wands), Épées (Swords), Coupes (Cups), and Deniers (Coins)

  • 78 exclusive hand-drawn images on premium Fournier card stock
  • French text
  • Includes instruction booklet in five languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese

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