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War! What purpose would we have in this life without it?

It’s been five years since the Siphonapterian scourge was first encountered on Apterion VI. In the years since, the superflea plague has spread across more and more of our great Empire. We still do not know how they spread, but we do know wherever our ships went after fighting them last they would appear, as if following us—clearly aiming to discover our homeworld and consume it.

Now more than ever, we need good and honorable Soldiers to take the fight directly to the Siphonapterians and show them there’s nothing a little national pride and a heaping dose of lead (and explosives) can’t solve. Oorah!

FIREDROP is a quick-and-dirty hex-and-dice wargame for 1-4 players, heavily inspired by the video game HELLDIVERS 2 and the extraction shooter genre.

(If you’re not solid on what a hex-and-dice wargame is, this is a collaborative strategy game, a bit more like a board game than a TTRPG, but distributed as a zine where you’ll need to bring your own dice and pencils to play)

Together, your squad of soldiers will collaboratively determine their mission, drop into the wastes of foreign planet, and blast your way through hordes of hideous alien combatants to complete your mission objectives and make your way to the extraction point. All for the glory of the empire, etc.

Looking to chill out IRL with your discord squadmates, or maybe introduce some tabletop players to some of the joys of your favorite online game? FIREDROP is here to help!

  • 28-page, lightly illustrated, black & white half-letter zine

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Sci Fi, War

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Hexcrawl, Solo

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