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Feathers and Thread is a two-player Caltrop Core game about choices and loss. Your characters have a trial to face. What will they lose in order to succeed?

Inspired by the various Japanese folk tales of The Crane Wife and The Decemberists album of the same name, this game is a conversation between two players and their characters as they experience a difficult situation.

A game of the tiniest stature can contain the seed of an enormous emotional impact.

Grab a pal and invite bittersweet heartache into your (characters’) lives as you enumerate your (characters’) personality traits, create a situation to weather, then attempt to endure the hardships that follow. Ponder the balance of sacrifice and self-preservation. Muse on what makes love love. What motivations really drive us when we’re challenged?

Like the Crane Wife, a rescued magical woman who wove her own feathers into cloth to show her devotion, you, too, will part with pieces of yourself. What will you give up to aid another?

  • Setting-agnostic: your characters can inhabit any setting and originate from any world, game, or story – or, if you’re feeling bold, play as yourselves and let it get A Little Too Real
  • Pamphlet-sized
  • Requires a handful of d4 dice, a tarot deck or playing card deck, and some ‘feathers’ (scraps of paper for writing traits)
  • Built on the Caltrop Core framework and based on The Crane Wife, a Japanese folk tale about sacrifice in relationships

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Slice of Life

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Caltrop Core

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Duet, Tarot-driven

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