Feathered Adventures

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FEATHERED ADVENTURES is a diceless tabletop RPG in which you play anthropomorphic birds going on pulp adventures, trying to overcome their flaws to come out on top.

Gather your brood and get ready to solve some mysteries. Or go on a treasure hunt! Or attend a fancy party!

Fans of Saturday morning cartoons, episodic pulp stories, and talking animals of all kinds, Feathered Adventures is for you! Think: DuckTales. Think: Rescue Rangers. GM-agnostic and completely diceless, this game is structured for maximum entertainment across 1-2 hour ‘episodes.’ Open-ended storytelling elements are balanced by narrative progression rules, while success or failure is completely up to the players (and the personalities of every character).

You’ll find plenty of direction to customize your experience, or, if you want to keep things quick and tidy, choose from 6 ready-to-pick broods (the overall vibe of your bird ‘cast’), 12 character archetypes, and 24 ready-to-play adventures in 6 flavors: mysteries, treasure hunts, fancy parties, explorations, enemy attacks, and investigations. Wrap it all up with dynamic, comics-inspired illustrations and story hook tables galore.

It’s everything you need to fly into your own world! The only thing the Feathered Adventures gamebook doesn’t provide is a theme song!

  • 136 pages, A5 full-color cover and interiors
  • For 3-6 players, GM-agnostic – no dice, tokens, or playing cards required

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Côme Martin


Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

RPG Terms

Diceless, Gamebook, GM-Agnostic, Non-Violent, Storytelling

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