FanRoll Elixir Liquid Core D20 Dice

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Tired: pondering your orb

Wired: pondering your liquid core d20

Add some dynamic wizardry to your dice hoard with these FanRoll sharp-edge d20 dice. Each is made with super-clear resin and boasts an internal chamber filled with swirling liquid as well as hand-painted numerals. Choose from five colors:

Dragon Stare: dragon eye with silver numerals

Liquid Lode: silver glitter in liquid, metal leaf in resin, and silver numerals

Magenta Mayhem: bold pink glitter with gold numerals

Sorcerous Swirl: Violet glitter with silver numerals

  • Includes a single, sharp-edge, 1″ x 1″ x 1″ d20 die filled with sparkling liquid
  • Re: liquid’s effect on dice rolls, via FanRoll: when the liquid cores are molded into the dice, the heat from molding creates a small bubble in the liquid core. Since the bubble in the liquid is constantly moving, we have not seen an effect on rolling

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Dragon Stare, Liquid Lode, Magenta Mayhem, Sorcerous Swirl, Disco Vibes