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Escape the City


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The Zealous Order of Kol Ban Ri has spread its influence in the region surrounding the island city of Wotta Rue. Some have followed the Order willingly, some have been somehow charmed or manipulated into it, and still, others have been frozen in place by a cruel spell. Tonight, Wotta Rue was overrun by frothing zealots on a quest to purify and convert the city for Kol Ban Ri. The four bridges leading out of the city are each guarded by a different mysterious foe.

Can you escape the city?

Escape the City is a combination adventure module/adventure generator suitable for a variety of systems. This means you can use it with your crew of Level 3 5e characters just as easily as you can use it with Cairn or any other OSR-flavored ruleset. You could make it weirder and use it with Troika. Or Bastards. And if you’re feeling really ambitious (or anti-social – hey, we don’t blame you), you can even use the included oracles and playing card-based location/encounters/secrets system to go GM-less or even solo.

  • 24 pages, full color throughout
  • Requires a deck of playing cards for location/encounter generation
  • Includes a variety of oracles, tables, NPCs, bridge guard secrets, and a bestiary

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Brooklet Games


Dark Fantasy, Fantasy

RPG Systems

5E, Cairn, OSR-Friendly

RPG Terms

Adventure Module, Generator, GM-Less, OSR, Solo

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