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Errant is rules light, procedure heavy.

Want to know how to run an exciting chase scene, or establish a fried cockatrice restaurant, or sue a demon for emotional negligence? Errant has procedures that can help you do that!

Procedures are not rules, but neither are they vague, general guidance. They provide a framework to structure the game, and can be adjusted, ignored, hacked, mangled, broken, stolen, or seasoned to taste.

Errants are all kinds of people – humans, orcs, elves, sentient slime molds. Like all people, Errants have attributes they use to get around in the world (y’know – physical prowess, mental acuity, the like). Errants had regular lives, once, before they were adventurers. But those professions, well, they didn’t quite work out. Now Errants get up to all kinds of shenanigans. They cast magic, hunt treasure, do battle, and perform miracles.

This is a game for fans of classic, old-school fantasy RPGs who wish the standard-style rules were maybe a little less restrictive. Not too open-ended, though. We can’t have chaos. This isn’t some goofball, loosey-goosey surrealist thought exercise (we have that, too, if you wanna try it out – it’s called Troika). More procedures, less rules, remember? It’s the difference between having a boss that says “no phones on the sales floor” (rule, clear but no nuance) and “the owner doesn’t really get why people want their phones on them, so make sure you hide yours if he’s around and if there’s someone to help, try to check if they need anything before they see you on your phone – you know how it is, some people see a person on the phone and think it means they don’t care” (procedure, gives you the main guidelines and the reasoning behind them and trusts you to decide what’s important).

We get it: some OSR-style players might prefer rules. They’re clear, fast, and you know exactly what you can and can’t do. But some players might want a little more freedom. They love the world but they want options instead of dice pools, and Errant? Errant is for you.

  • 240 pages, digest size (5.5″ x 8.25″), perfect bound softcover book, color cover with b&w interior

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5E, OSR-Friendly

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