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Enter the Orb is a GM-less storytelling game where you watch a CGI short film from the 90’s (One of those ones where like, a sphere and a cone rotate over a neon grid, and then maybe an endless chain of chrome men walk into the ocean, you know what I’m talking about) As a group, you then collaborate to describe your own experimental animation. A light-hearted party game for lovers of retro surrealism.

Gameplay makes use of a 10-sided die.

From Turtlebun Games, the publisher:

Enter the Orb is a game celebrating the experimental 3D animation of the early ‘90s. You’ll start with a group viewing of the 1990 film The Mind’s Eye (available on YouTube), then you’ll collaboratively imagine and describe your own movie in that style.

The Mind’s Eye consists of animated vignettes showcasing the most advanced 3D technology of their time. These shorts were repurposed from things like commercial concept pieces and animation demo reels, then unified with an original score.

During the viewing, you’ll absorb and record the vibrant spirit of this classic. This will fuel the creation of your own hypothetical 3D animations.

The game is fun, goofy, and requires no special roleplaying or 3D animating skills.

  • 2+ Players,  90min (not including watching the film, I believe)
  • 8 page, color, saddle-stitch zine
  • Uses a 10-sided die

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Comedy, Retro Nostalgia, Surrealism

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Party

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