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Eldritch Overload Tarot Deck


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Step into the cyberpunk fantasy city of Neo-Valkan, a neon jewel in a desert wasteland of trash and dead civilizations. Each fully illustrated tarot card in this Rider-Waite deck gives you a peek into a neo-feudal future ruled by corporations, powerful gangs, and ever-present government surveillance. Plug in to the expansive Spark, wander the dangerous Junklands, explore the grimy Undercity, and peek into the luxurious penthouses of the High Level.

Ask yourself, is your tarot experience sufficiently drenched in neon? Could your spreads feel a little more jacked-in to the ethereal streams of static that permeate the cyberverse? Do you want you readings to feel like daring heists against the looming megacorps?

Eldritch Overload is a cyberpunk themed, fully-illustrated, 78-card RWS-compatible Tarot deck. Illustrated and designed by Brenda Ho of Weird Works, the Eldritch Overload Tarot is an absolute treat of a deck to hold. Brenda Ho’s illustrations both give the deck a stylish and imaginative aesthetic while also giving a peek into the world of neo-Valkan. Eye-popping colors and are accented by glitter holo highlights on card backs and fronts, and make the deck a true sensory experience. A succinct and helpful booklet is included for interpretation, making it a good deck for tarot beginners as well. Decks from Knave of Cups come with a velvet drawstring bag, screen-printed with silver ink.

If you’re interested using the world of Neo-Valkan as a TTRPG setting for your campaign, or just in a more detailed reading guide for the deck, an optional 5E compatible codex is also available, as well as a matching hard-edged polyhedral dice set.

  • Includes 78 holo-foil stamped cards in a matching holo-foil stamped storage box, informational booklet, and a velvet drawstring storage bag with silver logo

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Brenda Ho, Weird Works


Cyberpunk, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci Fi

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