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Edgar Allan Poe: The Horror Gamebook


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I recognize you, even if I don’t remember you. I don’t know who invited you here, if my creator and executioner did or his even more terrible creation, the red Death, but it doesn’t really matter, they are two sides of the same nightmare.

The crow flutters at those words and spreads its wings, to implore you … wait! Answer my question! … when will I leave the horror of this deserted, enchanted land?

The bird has already vanished into the darkness of a starless sky, but its answer echoes through the walls with a croaking voice:

Never more!

Edgar Allan Poe: The Horror Gamebook is a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’-style journey for one. Guide your avatar as they descend through a hellish, literary nightmarescape inspired by Poe’s greatest works. Bound together, your fate and theirs, you’ll find yourselves trapped within the machinations of stories like The Masque of The Red Death, The Fall of The House of Usher, The Tell-Tale Heart, and more. Die – gruesomely, of course – and be re-born, for mysterious and unsettling reasons that will soon become clear to you. As you wander, you’ll encounter haunting art, mini-games, and riddles. Will your avatar trust you? Fear you? Hate you? Eventually, the two of you will make it to the end, but which end?

  • A ‘choose your own adventure’-style solo gamebook with 184 playable sections, 8 literary adaptations, 4 endings, and many nightmarish ways to die
  • 148 pages, black & white, with illustrations by Frances Cocorli
  • English version

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Officina Meningi, Valentino Sergi


Historical, Horror

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Gamebook, Solo

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