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Taking on the role of the embodied narrator you will wander through your new strange home at night. Conjuring spectres and finding they summon parts of your past along with them. Read, write, and draw in this curated solitary experience of a sleepless night in a haunted house.

As you navigate the house at night you find yourself stumbling into strange occurrences in each room, strange spectres summoned before your eyes. Spectres that slink, stretch, drip and ooze. Draw, sketch, or collage your spectres into being.

With each spectre comes something else dredged up with them. Your mind swirls as you get lost in remembering a time you’ve felt like this before. Each memory comes up in small pieces, as you are lost wondering where were you? What happened? What was left after that moment?

Dwelling is a truly innovative and artful solo game: part journaling game, part gamebook, part eerie ritual. In playing Dwelling, you navigate your new (and apparently haunted) house, summoning the spirits that dwell there into the room, and mark both the book and yourself in reaction. The book is designed to be written and drawn in, although printable spreads can be found online to use instead.

Dwelling is not an adventure game, but rather a meditative, haunting experience about grief and trauma, and all the things that create spirits that haunt the dwellings where we live.

Dwelling is above all, a carefully considered and well-designed object. Each page is quiet and elegantly laid out, leaving room for your additions. Barely visible specters of UV gloss float from the cover. Each book also comes with a paper keyhole card and key bookmark, which serve both as safety tools and as gameplay elements, allowing you to lock up your haunted house, or peer into particular rooms via the keyhole.

  • 92-page, full-color, half-letter softcover on uncoated paper
  • Keyhole card and Key bookmark included

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Good Luck Press, Seb Pines


Horror, Slice of Life

RPG Terms

Diceless, Gamebook, Journaling, Solo, Storytelling

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