Dungeon Year Design Journal


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Build anything you can imagine, one piece a day.

The Dungeon Year is a daily creative challenge, mental exercise, a game itself, and a moment of meditation. You can start your Dungeon Year on any day in any month, and take as long as you want to complete it.

So you want to make a mega dungeon…

Inspired by the #dungeon23 challenge created by Sean McCoy, The Dungeon Year Design Journal is a journal create by Pandion Games for creating mega-dungeons the good old fashioned way: by hand. It includes a day tracker in case you’d like to attempt creating one room a day, copious amounts of grid paper and structured pages for notes, and a whole slew of spark charts for inspiration for dungeon inspiration. And it’s all wire-o bound, making it easy to lay flat for drawing on.

Even if you’re like us and the thought of doing one thing every day for a year makes your brain sad, the Dungeon Year Journal is an amazing tool for anyone interested in making dungeons by hand.

There are two formats to the journal, the “regular” A4 size, and the condensed A5 size. We currently also have a few “seconds” copies of the A4 size that have some cosmetic issues: bent corners, small tears on the cover, etc.

  • A4 “regular” version: 202 pages, wire-o binding, black & white
  • A5 condensed version: 130 pages, wire-o binding, black & white

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A4, A4 Seconds, Condensed (A5)

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