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Dreyfus Art Playing Cards


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Whether you celebrate psychedelia in April or all year long, Knave of Cups has your back with Dreyfus Art playing cards. No more shall adult stoners and other appreciators of trippy iconography be relegated to the dank armpit of Spencer’s Gifts! Designed by illustrator Ashley Dreyfus for Art of Play, this deck’s got it all. Delightfully strange characters? Check. Fancy letterpress-printed tuck box? Oh, check. RAINBOW FOIL SEAL? YES INDEED.

  • 3.5 x 2.5 x .5 Inches
  • Printed by the US Playing Card Co for Art of Play on FSC Certified Paper
  • 14 unique illustrations, one per card rank
  • Letterpress-printed tuck box and a rainbow metallic seal

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