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Four marble mazes! Four themes, four stories to guide your journey both above and below what your eyes can see!

Inside 3 Legend puzzles are analog handheld puzzles, designed and fabricated in France, each with a different plot theme, difficulty, and map layout. Challenges are both ‘above ground,’ where you can see the marble, and ‘underground,’ hidden from view beneath the first level (you’ll use a map and your excellent sense of direction to find your way). The goal is to make your way to the center of the maze and back as quickly as you can! Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag (but don’t lose that tiny ball-bearing!)

Choose between…

The Castle

“The CASTLE of the lost treasure,” in which you’ll search for a legendary chest of gold coins in the ruins of a medieval castle.
Difficulty rating: 1/6

The Ninja

“The NINJA and the Masamune Katana,” in which an aspiring ninja must steal a rare katana from the vault of terrible overlord
Difficulty rating: 2/6

The Crypts

“The CRYPTS of the last Vampire,” in which a hunter must cross a sinister cemetery to eradicate the ultimate evil.
Difficulty rating: 3/6

The Skull

“The SKULL: Mia’s Disturbing Journey,” in which a girl must traverse the dangerous realm of the Yokai to rescue the soul of her dog.
Difficulty rating: 4/6

  • Includes themed puzzle and instructions, challenges, and stickers for tracking your progress
  • Knave of Cups includes extra ball bearings because they’re easy to lose!
  • Made by Doug Factory in France

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The Castle, The Crypts, The Ninja, The Skull


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