Dolly, We Bought a Dream House


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You are a group of Dollies in a pink-tastic plastic world who have bought a Dolly dream house to move in together…

Yes, Knave of Cups found one, and we’re dang proud to show it off:

a Dream House map-making TTRPG featuring you, a perfect plastic Dolly and her many Dolly friends.

A whimsical hack of Bunny, We Bought A Dungeon, Dolly, We Bought A Dream House lets you and your accomplished, stylish crew discover, room by room, the magical residence where you live. Make a map as you go – you don’t want to get lost in your fabulous new home! You’ll get 24 tables to help you imagine your Dollies and all the exciting stuff they’ll encounter as well as 11 fashionable illustrations to set a cheerful vibe. But what’s this? You’re part of a whole community? Yes, and as you explore, you’ll even get to meet your neighbors! Who’s out there, anyway? Maybe a bunch of clueless dudes named… Fen? And his relatable, kinda queer-coded “buddy”… Jallan?

  • A GM-less Dream House designer for 2-6 fabulous plastic dollies
  • Requires a bunch of d6 dice including (at least) an even amount in two colors – the more dice the longer your game
  • 16 pages, A5 size, full color

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Plotbunny Games


Fantasy, Retro Nostalgia

RPG Terms

GM-Less, Map-making, Non-Violent, One-Shot, Storytelling

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