Distilled & Focused Vol. 1.1 – Rituals

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  • Distilled & Focused is a 24-ish page 6”x6” color zine full of role-playing games, supplements and charts, original artwork, and photography. It gets released every four months. [KoC-HQ note: it does not.] This volume’s theme is Rituals.Distilled & Focused is a creative and collaborative publication, intended to amplify underrepresented and newer voices in the RPG world. Be it art or game design, Distilled & Focused is a diverse and inclusive place for voices to be heard.

Distilled and Focused is a collaborative anthology of short-form, game-adjacent work from various creators. A potpurri of different fragments of games, and short, artful experiences.

This Volume contains 8 works:

  • Starseeker. An RPG by Marren J. T. MacAdam
  • Ritual Terzanelle. A Ritual by Samuel J. Mendez
  • Photo Witches. An RPG y Mark Gerrits
  • Sigil. Original art by Arin Kaplan
  • On that Misty Winded Midnight I Called Out to You. An RPG/LARP by Justin Joyce
  • Today is a Sacred Day. An RPG Supplement by Maik Malaik
  • Cthulic Love. Original art by A. M. Filiatreault
  • Simple Pleasure, Heart’s Desire. An RPG/LARP by Emma Larkins
  • Full-color 6″x6″ zine, “24-ish” pages
  • Includes mini-games, generators, art, and more from 8 creators

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